Custom Medallions

Custom medallions can either be 2D or 3D, the shape and style can also be completely personalised to suit your design.

Standard sizing is 50mm & 70mm, however any sizing is attainable.

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Custom medallions for sporting events and corporate recognition, pewter medals are handcrafted individually for you.

Custom pewter medallions can either be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional and can be a range of different designs and shapes. Colour infill is a great way to elevate the end product to the next level of premium.

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How are Custom Pewter Medallions Made?

After the creation of the master and it being moulded, pewter is melted into a liquid form and poured into the now spinning mould. Using centrifugal force the pewter flows through the rubber filling the outside first until the entire mould is full. It is then allowed to cool and the raw casted medallion is removed. At this stage any imperfections are ground back ready to be dipped in acid to create the black patina. Then it is brushed and highlighted on a hard wheel to the desired level. Finished off with a coat of lacquer and packaged