Custom Coasters

Custom made coasters are 2D, the shape and style can also be completely personalised to suit your design. 

Standard sizing is 80mm in diameter.

Minimum order quantity is 20.

Custom Coasters generally have a stippled effect on the design to help with the texture to keep it a non-slip surface, also to help with the manufacturing process.

Packaging included is a vinyl pouch.

Custom coasters are always on display. Pewter coasters add that next level of premium.

Custom pewter coasters are all 2 dimensional with the back side being covered in felt to protect the table as well as the coaster. Colour infill is a great way to include something a little extra to a timeless product, pairing it with a jarrah box to give it a premium finish. 



How are Custom Pewter Coasters Made?

After the creation of the master and it being moulded, pewter is melted into a liquid form and poured into the now spinning mould. Using centrifugal force the pewter flows through the rubber filling the outside first until the entire mould is full. It is then allowed to cool and the raw casted coaster is removed. At this stage any imperfections are ground back ready to be dipped in acid to create the black patina. Then it is brushed back to the desired level of finish with the last steps including the application of the velvet backing and packaging.