Custom 3D Figurines/Models

Custom made 3D awards are limited only by your imagination. With the ability to create highly textured models, this is a great option for replication of machinery and other items.

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Custom 3D Figurines

Custom 3D Figurines can be created in all shapes and sizes, an item can be produced to represent and be unique to your brand. With the advancement in technology, it allows us to create the master ready for moulding via a 3D process. This, in turn, has decreased the costs involved to produce an item. Enquire today about our custom 3D figurines.

Manufacturing Figurines

It all starts with an idea of the item you want to manufacture. That idea is then turned into a 3D render that allows us to print a master version in-house of the initial design. Many times the item will be printed into multiple parts to allow easy moulding. Once the model is complete and the technician is happy with it, the mould is created.  Then the pieces are soldered together individually and the product is put through an acid wash and finished the desired way. Each piece is handmade and slightly unique.