Travis Hayto
Managing Director

Travis is a creative at heart. He enjoys empowering business’s to create unique products. He is in charge or positioning our company to be the first and only choice for customised Pewter products.

Michelle Harris
Account Manager

Michelle is our friendly customer service superstar. You’ll find her helping out our customers in person, on the phone, or over email. Michelle makes sure your order goes from concept to final product without any hitches.

Jackson mews
Sales Manager

Jackson is a outgoing people person, he loves meeting new people from all walks of life. He works to bring value to all people he comes into contact with. Jackson holds a very keen interest in all sports, specifically basketball where he is an elite level coach. 

Darryl Glasson

Darryl has 25 years experience in manufacturing Pewter. His craftsmanship and care is what sets our company apart from our competitors.