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Support Local!

Support Local! Pewter products made right here in Perth! Our locally made Pewter products are a great way to promote your brand and business. Here at Buckingham Pewter, we are a unique, family owned business who takes pride in creating exactly what you are looking for. We don’t source offshore like most businesses to cut […]

How do you design your own custom belt buckle?

How do you design your own custom belt buckle? 5 steps to create the perfect custom belt buckle with Buckingham Pewter. Choose your logo Sounds pretty simple, but it can determine your next steps and the overall feel of your belt buckle. If you are looking for the buckle to be mainly logo than a […]

Custom 3D Figurines


Manufacturing Custom 3D Figurines It all starts with an idea, and Idea of a product or item you want to create as a figurine out of Pewter. This idea is then communicated and turned into a piece of artwork. The artwork is then supplied to a 3D render artist and they bring to life your […]

Why is Pewter Great for Custom Belt Buckles?

Buckingham Pewter

Why is Pewter Great for Custom Belt Buckles? What is Pewter? Pewter is a tin alloy traditionally used to make household items and tankards. It mainly consists of tin with other elements like bismuth and antimony to make the alloy denser. Pewter is a softer metal and has a low melting point (230 degrees Celsius.) […]

What are 2D and 3D Masters?


Is there much difference? Centrifugal casting is a method that requires creating a mould of a certain product or design then easily replicating it. This is done by pouring liquid metal into the mould while it is spinning at high velocity and then allowing it to cool. First, you need to have that master product […]

How is Pewter Manufactured?

How is Pewter Manufactured? What is Pewter? Check it out here! At Buckingham Pewter we use the spin casting method to create our products. This utilises centrifugal force whilst the mould is spinning to allow the pewter to be poured in cool and solidify. Firstly a “master” needs to be produced. There are a number […]

What is Pewter?

What is Pewter? Pewter is a Tin alloy traditionally used to make tankards and other household utensils. It is a dense metal containing predominantly tin but also can made up of antinomy, zinc, copper, and iron. This means it will never rust or tarnish over time. It is a soft alloy and has a low […]